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Nestled in the state of Quintana Roo, Xcalak is a village located on the southern end of the Costa Maya and just north of the border of Belize. It is one of the last "unspoiled" areas off the Mexican Caribbean coast. Casa Paraiso is a beach resort hotel catering to those discriminating travelers who desire something unique and different.  We provide an "off grid" experience, with airy efficiencies where sea breezes from the Caribbean and fans keep your room pleasant without the closed windows of AC. 


Guests at Casa Paraiso can swim, dive, snorkel, fish (fly fishing and deep sea), kayak on the world’s second-longest barrier reef, marvel at the variety of colorful birds, visit Mayan ruins, ride bikes or just relax and enjoy the beauty of the region.  Just off shore from Xcalak is a designated Mexican national reef park (Parque Nacional Arrecifes de Xcalak).


Casa Paraiso provides a full complimentary continental breakfast. Additionally, guests have the option to cook their own meals in their private kitchenettes or use our outdoor BBQ set up to cook your catch of the day and/or seafood from the local co-op.

Our story behind Casa Paraiso

Father and son Jim and Chase are long time Alaska fishing guides. Jim discovered Xcalak, and easily convinced Chase to forego their usual winter spots in the Caribbean to fish in Xcalak. 

They immediately fell in love with the small fishing village, as it offered challenging fly fishing in an uncrowded and pristine environment similar to Alaska.  

Jim's wife Lisa was drawn to Xcalak's tranquility, beautiful sunrises, and bright constellations. She was also drawn to the many activities such as world class fly fishing, diving, snorkeling, beach combing, bird watching, and just relaxing, which makes Xcalak a great place for all to enjoy.  

Recognizing the resort offered something for everyone, especially fly fishers,  the family purchased Casa Paraiso in the fall of 2021.

We are delighted that long time resort guest favorite Benjamin Luque stayed on as property manager to continue Casa Paraiso's traditions, high standards and beachside charm.

Jim, Chase & Lisa Looney


Benjamin Luque 

Property Manager



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